On this page I would like to have the possibility to talk about my other projects which are coming to my way and I will be working on. 

Currently this is related mainly to project HELP KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES but later on that will also includes some other projects. 
 Together with several other people we have decided to start non-profit organization Azara socialni  in order to help where and how we can, and what we do? 

 * We organize charity events for various target groups from social work area and entities who operates with these target groups.
* We consult and cooperate on projects of our partner organizations.
* We support the promotion of social themes through artistic activity.
* We help to secure the financing of physical needs for different target groups.

The project I am now busy with, is Help knows no boundaries supporting Children's House Strekov and Children's Crisis Treatment Centre Strekovacek.  

You can find more details about this project at link below. For now in Czech language only but I am already busy with translation into English. 


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As head of company Miyau in wonderland and as a founding member of non-profit organization Azara Socialni z.s., I am glad to introduce you project HELP KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES.  

The project has been started as we do believe that help should not be limited by any boundaries. 

We did get the oportunity to support children's house Strekov in Czech and after meeting the management and kids, we were happy to do just that! 
Also, we are now very proud, to have the PATRONAGE with them :) 

The first part of the project has been already succesfully organized and  I have collected several toys, home acessories, sport equipment and many more here in Holland and beginning of May 2016, I did bring it to kids in Children's House Strekov and Children's Crisis Treatment Centre Strekovacek.  
Therefore the pictures you can see above are part of the items donated to them. 

And no, we are not stopping here, we are going to keep on going, as there are 40 childrens and all deserve to have something nice, unique, something they can cherish and love and it will be only their own. 

For more information about our patronage please follow:

There are many more projects we are planning or we are already busy with, you can check them all at:

Or if you wish to find out more about the children's house you are more than welcome to  follow their facebook page: 

Something more to come : WINTER CHARITY BAZAAR 

Which we are really looking forward to!

As all what will be earned will be donated to children from the Children's House Strekov and Children's Crisis Treatment Centre Strekovacek as well. 

We do encourage you to help us by donating pretty and well preserved things in a store Butik Etik in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Or contact me here in Rotterdam, NL and I will come and pick all the items, you are willing to donate up! 

Thank you all  for your support! 
All actual information regarding our charity bazaar can be viewed on: