Hunting for me 
  1. Blue Kartell FLY Lamp
    Blue Kartell FLY Lamp
    Blue Kartell FLY lamp is never a bad choice. Fits perfectly in our white/blue kitchen.
  2. Owl candle stand
    Owl candle stand
    I was getting ready for the dark long days during the winter, with this adorable candle stand.
  3. Industrial red metal lamp
    Industrial red metal lamp
    For our entrance hall we used red metal lamp, nicely matching olive green color on the walls.
  4. Retro, Glas, green Lamp
    Retro, Glas, green Lamp
    Green glass lamp from 1970's has been chosen without having any particular place in mind, I just needed to have it .)
  5. Chaise Lounge
    Chaise Lounge
    Cream leather chaise lounge was something I always wanted, to relax and read my books.
  6. Painting on wooden desk
    Painting on wooden desk
    This still life painting I found in one small belgian shop, it gives a great touch to our kitchen.
  7. Vintage wooden table with marble desk
    Vintage wooden table with marble desk
    This vintage wooden table with white marble desk was love at first sight. Together with the table I bought also the print above. Artist Leonor Fini.
  8. Small wooden mirror
    Small wooden mirror
    I was searching some small mirror to put in our entrance hall, for the check ups before leaving the house .)
  9. Antique wooden frames
    Antique wooden frames
    3 similar antique wooden frames found in small antique shop in Belgium, for 3 paintings received as a gift.
  10.  Room Fountain tap in rock
    Room Fountain tap in rock
    Small room fountain in the shape of tap in the rock was purchased for good energy flow.
  11. 1930's Lamp with satin finish
    1930's Lamp with satin finish
    For our bathroom which we decided to make in 1930's, we chosed this small light.
  12. Hummingbird Suncatcher
    Hummingbird Suncatcher
    I was looking for some nice suncatcher for a good sun energy flow. This hummingbird was the right choice.
  1. Red retro plastic lamp
    Red retro plastic lamp
    As our living room is painted with industrial grey color, We chosed red colour accessories for nice impact.
  2. Old industrial light
    Old industrial light
    Old industrial lamp has been chosen for our dressing room.
  3. Violet vase
    Violet vase
    I liked this vase at a first sight, thanks to it's unique shape.
  4. Old French school poster
    Old French school poster
    Old French school poster with cell division, amazing colors and a good idea for our living room decor.
  5. Orange Kartell FLY Lamp
    Orange Kartell FLY Lamp
    As we just love the blue Kartell FLY lamp in our kitchen, we decided to take one more but in orange for our guest room.
  6. Antique painted glas lamp
    Antique painted glas lamp
    Delftse hand painted glas lamp go nicely with sweet desire lila colour chosen for our bedroom.
  7. Table fiberglass lamp
    Table fiberglass lamp
    Handmade table lamp made from fiberglass looks amazing just like this or lightened up.
  8. 1970's clock
    1970's clock
    Vintage green, plastic clock from 1970's are looking great in our kitchen. We used design roler for some of the walls.
  9. Kitchen clock in bigger perspective
    Kitchen clock in bigger perspective
    To give you an idea how it looks like from bigger perspective.
  10. Retro breakfast set
    Retro breakfast set
    Retro breakfast set includes two small plates, cup and bowl, the whole set together is a girl.
  11. Tea set
    Tea set
    Several cups, suggar and milk pots with roses motives all over it.
  12. Orange wooden chair
    Orange wooden chair
    Used for our entrance hall, to sit down once changing shoes or just waiting for the second person to get ready.
  1. Two similar chairs
    Two similar chairs
    We have been lucky to get these two similar chairs in different colours for a very nice price, they are very comfortable.
  2. 1960's wooden trolley
    1960's wooden trolley
    Wonderful wooden color with green aspects makes us want this vintage trolley. We use it as a TV holder.
  3. Retro leather footstool
    Retro leather footstool
    This amezing retro, leather footstool I found in Belgium. It go well with the chair and my husband just love it.
  4. Spanish retro sleeping sofa
    Spanish retro sleeping sofa
    This retro sleeping sofa we found accidently in one small shop behind our house corner. It is from Spain and we just love it.
  5. 1970's salon table
    1970's salon table
    1970's original wooden salon table, was again love at first sight, can you blaime me? I think it's pure beauty.
  6. Antique sun shape mirror - 1960's
    Antique sun shape mirror - 1960's
    Antique sun shape mirror with fish eye efect was one of the first things I purchased for our home. It is great central piece of our living room.
  7. Coats and shoes storage
    Coats and shoes storage
    In matching color of the chair used in the hall, we found this shoes storage case.
  8. Antique globe lamp
    Antique globe lamp
    I always wanted to have a globe as a lamp and this one is just great with the old print of the world.
  9. Old painting with chinese woman
    Old painting with chinese woman
    Old wooden frame and chinese painting on the glass with glorious colors made me want this picture.
  10. Stand Lamp for our bedroom
    Stand Lamp for our bedroom
    For reading books in my chaise lounge I also needed some stand lamp to give me more light in the room.
  11. New sofa for our living room
    New sofa for our living room
    We wanted some new but vintage sofa which would be really comfortable to use, and that is what we did.
  12. Geoffrey Baxter glasses
    Geoffrey Baxter glasses
    These wonderful and unique glasses designed by Geoffrey Baxter (an outstanding British glass designers) has been found in a junk shop in my home town. Could you believe it?!
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